Hawaii Land Use and Transit Oriented Development Law

Effective land use representation requires a thorough knowledge of the legal and community aspects of a proposed project.

At Imanaka Asato, we have been effectively negotiating the nuances of real estate transactions, from start to finish, in Hawaii for many years. Our land use attorneys have the depth of experience needed to skillfully solve legal issues that arise from local, state, and federal laws. And every step of the way, we help our clients understand, obtain, implement, and defend their development rights. We actively assist our clients in navigating the social and political storms that may accompany development projects to ensure their success.

As leading land use counselors in Hawai‘i, we have worked with commercial, hotel, and residential developers on matters ranging from large-scale, complex development projects to small commercial projects. Our expertise and endeavors ultimately assist our clients in maximizing the development potential and value of their properties.

Imanaka Asato represented the very first developer to successfully obtain he entitlement for its high-rise project in the Ala Moana corridor. This required a knowledge of the specific requirements of the Transit Oriented Development (“TOD”) plan for the area as well as the ability to effectively advocate with government officials. The firm also represents a wide range of clients that are seeking approvals for various things within the context of their developments, including increased height and density. Given the broad and deep experience through 40+ years of work in the development area, we have a pulse on the community and, working with other team members, are able to assess whether a proposed plan will pass muster, and if not, how best to address perceived deficiencies.

Imanaka Asato’s TOD team uses innovative strategies to assist companies seize opportunities in Honolulu’s rail transit corridor. We are the only law firm in Hawaiwith the knowledge to provide proven solutions for development of first-class projects within the TOD district. Our TOD team features attorneys with expertise from a variety of legal disciplines and focused on sustainable development in Honolulu TOD areas. Indeedour experience has been gained by assisting clients overcome complex problems to build some of Hawai‘i’s most renowned developments.

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