Hawaii Government Relations Law Services

Comprehensive Government Relations services backed by 40 years of successful advocacy in the islands.

A deep understanding of substantive issues in a variety of business sectors, coupled with our strong relationships with local government, business and community leaders, enables us to design and advance strategies to meet our clients’ objectives.  Whether you are a Hawai‘i business or a mainland or foreign organization, we work to equip you with innovative strategies for outreach and help you develop effective working relationships with key local decision makers.  This foundation enables our clients to influence and quickly adapt to the ever-changing local political and community environment in a manner best suited to meet their needs.

Our services include:

Legislative Advocacy & Bill Monitoring. We have a proven ability to resolve even the toughest policy issues in Hawai‘i’s unique environment. Our team combines a strong understanding of the local political environment with broad legal insight to meet the individual goals of each client. Services range from bill monitoring and review to research and bill drafting to designing and implementing comprehensive policy campaigns. Whatever your issues are, we have the ability to advocate on your behalf to meet your legislative needs.

Strategic Communications.  For communications to be strategic, the right messaging must be used in the context of a master plan that is executed in a consistent manner and aligned with an organization’s vision.  Our team takes this holistic approach to strategic communications to quickly identify and motivate appropriate audiences through the mediums best suited to achieve project objectives.  We have successfully guided clients in setting communications goals and guided companies in their implementation of outreach channels for controversial issues.  Importantly, we include in any master plan the need to foresee and address potential threats prior to starting a project in order to avoid or mitigate damaging consequences.

Local Market Entry.  Our team assists mainland and international organizations in developing a planned method for entering the Hawai‘i market in existing or emerging industries.  This analysis often involves whether there is a strategic fit for the organization within the Hawai‘i market; identification of local competitors; development and implementation of a strategy to navigate Hawai‘i’s unique business and cultural environment; and short and long term community investments that provide win-win opportunities for all groups involved.

Political Law. We advise a diverse array of clients including corporations, NGOs and other organizations on all aspects of political law including campaign finance, lobbying and government ethics.  We also represent clients in training regarding these areas of law, and in handling disputes should the need arise.

Association Establishment and Management.  We assist clients with the creation and management of industry and/or trade associations that can be used to consolidate resources to advocate for policies that benefit a particular industry or support best practices within the industry.

Administrative & Procurement Law.  Our team represents clients before state and local regulatory agencies in Hawai‘i.  We assist clients through the government procurement process, including drafting and responding to requests for proposals and requests for information, contract formation, and government contracting compliance.

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